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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Deeper Understandings - By Abhishek Boylla

From the windows of my solitude, in deep isolation
I look back at my life, my mistakes and the lessons
It was beautiful and still is as its supposed to be
Sorrows and grief are a part but no lesser glee
Don't have no regrets about the path on which i've been
I enjoyed my path and in understanding it i've been keen
When started, I wasn't aware of the path or me
My fingers were in some hand and those kept walking with me
Donno when that grip left me or I myself let go the hand
I was now wild and free, I thought and on that the view was grand
I spread my wings and realised I could fly
And with that realised, I had questions deep inside
I was flying but I forgot I was, and searched for answers I never knew
I searched and found, as the wings grew large
Donno how much I'd known, and how much more was there to know
I was flying high in my space alone, and could see so much from there which was totally unknown
whether I wanted or not, this would stay till the very last
I thought, I searched, I found and now wondering if the space is too small or way too vast
After all this journey whether short or long I'm alive but numb
And all that comes in my mind is that
Written By "Abhishek Boylla"


Bella said...

It sounds very deep and cool.

Bella said...

Abhishek Boylla is a friend of mine from India.

Big said...

Keep up the good work Abhishek Boylla! kia Abhishek Boylla ki aur poems hein?