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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Somewhere at a distance
The sky touches the earth
Somewhere in the sea
You can see the stars reflecting
Somewhere on the prairies
The winds blow by
And in the morning birds
Singing to the sunrise
The pleasant breeze gently whispers
Some secrets in my ear
There’s beauty all around me
The sky, the earth and in the air

© Sobia Nosheen (7th September 2008)
From, my 2nd book, "The Blue"


Salman Hassan said...

This poem is so beautifull & cool when i was reading this poem so i was felling so good ...& i was just remembering my old skoool dayz! :)

Big said...

Very nice writing...i like it

dj said...

its very deep..trying to describe it is like trying to decibe a feeling..which can be said said hw it cnt be understood but felt..dnt have more to say..keep up the good work..

Sabbar said...

hey can i know how to post something here?